Sunday, 8 March 2020

What Lies Beneath

"Poems are for artistically expressing your deepest thoughts and experiences" 
- She Who Conceals

You willingly fall for the bait
Entranced by my aura, though I am the very thing you hate
I reveal myself just enough to entice you, 
But conceal everything else just before I need you
A master of this craft, I know that I am a tease 
I call it the 'Reveal/Conceal' game
Are you ready to play?

I lure you in with my heart shaped lips,
To make you senseless
I wrap my boundless legs around you,
And leave you defenseless
This sheer dress that I am wearing,
Deepens your imagination,
Like Delilah, I can see that I am your fixation...

However, you are a Scorpio,
You can see through my act 
You can decipher my notorious game,
But like a King you are not fazed
Confident in who you are and what you attract,
You gladly play along but you maneuver with tact 
For the first time in my life, I feel like I've met my match

Our intense tides of lust become still
You ask me questions no man has ever asked before
With eyes so kind & sincere, 
I start to feel uncomfortable 
Fuck... I think I'm starting to get vulnerable
You see a chip in my armor
As I fall, I feel myself relinquishing my power
To you I willingly surrender,
My mind,
My thoughts,
My fears,
My deepest insecurities
You now know what lies beneath.

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