Sunday, 29 March 2020

Transitioning Into Spring 2020

Self isolation & social distancing has sadly come into play and I'm now forced to look like an everyday house girl as I sluggishly work from home. Absolutely brilliant! The only bright side to the situation is that the moment I wake up, I can skip the whole ceremony of getting ready and give myself unnecessary breaks here & there... I mean as long as you get the work done, then sis you're good!

As we welcome the rebirth of one of my favourite seasons, Spring! I wanted to create a transitional look which incorporated the trendiest pieces of the season. Mixing winter staples and Spring/Summer friendly accessories such as a good' ole pair of heeled mules is what I'm here for. Don't get it twisted, Spring in the UK can be very temperamental and with innate trust issues, I dress the same way I do in the winter with the exception of a huge coat and my staple heeled boots.

For today's look we are sporting my favourite go to look. 'A top and High Waist Tailored Trousers'.  With black being my staple colour, the sun really encouraged me to lighten the mood a little. Plus, I really wanted to try out my new accessories for the season, my Ivory White Ego Official Mules & my Bottega Veneta inspired pouch bag courtesy of ASOS. The perfect pieces you need to elevate your looks for the season ahead. Without any more further delay, here is my first transitional look into Spring! Dinner is served.

The Rebirth..

She Who Conceals


Turtleneck- Zara
Trousers - Zara
Mules - Ego (Sold out) Alternative
Pouch Bag - Asos
Chain Necklace - PrettyLittleThing


Sunday, 8 March 2020

What Lies Beneath

"Poems are for artistically expressing your deepest thoughts and experiences" 
- She Who Conceals

You willingly fall for the bait
Entranced by my aura, though I am the very thing you hate
I reveal myself just enough to entice you, 
But conceal everything else just before I need you
A master of this craft, I know that I am a tease 
I call it the 'Reveal/Conceal' game
Are you ready to play?

I lure you in with my heart shaped lips,
To make you senseless
I wrap my boundless legs around you,
And leave you defenseless
This sheer dress that I am wearing,
Deepens your imagination,
Like Delilah, I can see that I am your fixation...

However, you are a Scorpio,
You can see through my act 
You can decipher my notorious game,
But like a King you are not fazed
Confident in who you are and what you attract,
You gladly play along but you maneuver with tact 
For the first time in my life, I feel like I've met my match

Our intense tides of lust become still
You ask me questions no man has ever asked before
With eyes so kind & sincere, 
I start to feel uncomfortable 
Fuck... I think I'm starting to get vulnerable
You see a chip in my armor
As I fall, I feel myself relinquishing my power
To you I willingly surrender,
My mind,
My thoughts,
My fears,
My deepest insecurities
You now know what lies beneath.
© She Who Conceals

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