Friday, 6 October 2017

Chateau de Versailles

From Paris, with Love

Ever wondered what the Palace of Versailles is like? or wanted to get a glimpse of the magnificence that surrounds it, well here is an account of my epic experience of The Sun Kings (Louis XIV) most beautiful Palace that the world has ever seen. As a history lover and an admirer of great architecture, going to see the palace that once housed the last french monarch was a bucket list of mine from when I was a young teen. At 20, I finally made it a priority to finally see it for my own eyes and not in a documentary. It was by far the most amazing trip that I made on my travel to Paris. Oh and by the way did I forget to mention that was free!


For some odd reason, I believed that the Palace of Versailles was within Paris...(I know, what kind of foolishness) Having realised that it was outside of Paris, I knew it was really essential to understand the metro as  I understood it was going to be a very long journey. From the reviews I had seen online, a visit to Versailles is a whole day trip, therefore It was imperative for me to prepare and these are the things that I brought with me!

Essential Travel Kit:
  • Comfortable slides (Wore heeled mules)
  • Packed lunch (Chicken wings and fries honey *laughs)
  • Water
  • DSLR Camera
  • Sunglasses (essential!)
  • Compact powder
  • Lipgloss 
  • Portable charger (essential!!!)
  • Earphones (essential!!!)
  • Perfume (optional)
With my travel kit prepared, my Mother, Sister and I were ready to take on Versailles and our trip officially began around 11 am. Surprisingly, the journey was very straight-forward, all I had to do was follow our trustee Google Maps and with a click of a finger, we were in Versailles by 1 o'clock. With the sun shining bright, my makeup and outfit popping heavily, my mood was on a high and nothing could stop me because I was now going to live my dream. However, one thing that cut my joy abruptly was the sight of the que! YES, ALWAYS THE DAMN QUES! I want to advise you guys from now, if you want to be a tourist and see the most sought after attractions, get a Paris Pass because these ques will end you before you've even gotten inside the building. (You have been warned.)


After standing under the scorching, hot sun for 3 hours which basically consisted of me eating and finishing off my chicken wings and fries and rinsing my mobile battery to about 50% (mind you, I had used up all my power from my portable charger) it was finally our turn to enter the Palace. As we passed through the usual security checks and got given a map, we were off to wonder for our own amusement and what a show stopper it was. 

With my camera in hand, I was lost in my own imagination, lost in the architectural beauty that made its stamp on the world. It was truly breath-taking. We went from seeing the palace art gallery, to the late Kings bedroom and with all its splendor and glory, you could envision the lifestyle of the french court and how much they really enjoyed living in the palace. I feel like I've spoken to you guys for some time now, instead of going on and rambling, please take a chance to look through the pictures I captured! I hope you guys consider visiting the Palace of Versailles. 

Until the next entry x    

Editorial: The Sun King

Hall of Mirrors

Can you find me?

Palace Gardens


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