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The Louvre Vs Dior

From Paris, With Love

Hello loves, and welcome back! I am so excited to write this post because it all revolves around my 4 day trip to Paris and what I experienced during my short time there. A new series called 'From Paris,With Love' will consist of a 3 part series which will contain reviews that I would personally recommend, if you was to travel to Paris too. If you missed my last series click here and here and keep yourself updated!

Now to start things off, Paris has always been a dream city for me to travel to and I knew that I wanted to immerse myself in the city culture and of course, dress up to the nines! Since it was my first time in the city, I decided I wanted to be the typical tourist that visits The Mona Lisa, capture those annoying pictures that tourists take by the Louvre Pyramid (I'm sure you know it!) and witness the architectural beauty of The Eiffel Tower in person. You name it, I wanted to do everything and see everything!

The Louvre vs Dior

Day 2 of my holiday was dedicated to The Louvre and guys, I woke up early, my outfit was ironed and ready, breakfast...well to be honest I didn't even have breakfast. It was either breakfast or sacrifice my makeup application. Makeup won, but I digress. After being too lazy to understand the metro the night before, Uber was a God send and brought my mum and I to our destination at a speedy pace of 10 minutes. However, that didn't matter because at 11:00 am we were welcomed to a que that spiraled into infinity, we didn't even see the beginning nor the end to this appalling sight of a que. Furthermore, out of nowhere, my belly began to rumble in the most embarrassing way and that was when I believed that my day was over. (Hunger can be the worst enemy)

As we hurried out of the main square of the Louvre, trying to open our hungry eyes to any sight of food, (*coughs*) affordable food of course, my mum and I were greeted by the sweet sight of a MacDonald's sign, almost waiting for us to make our arrival. All I can remember is speed walking for my life and in my head, my stomach was screaming out 'FOOD, FOOD, FOOD!' as if it was angry at me. It was unfortunate. Long story short, my mum and I ordered our signature Big Mac Meals and we sat in pleasurable silence, taking in each heavenly bite for our renewal. After our meal, we were ready to face the que in all its glory. However, just as we were about to head back to the direction we came from, my 'Fashionista Senses' allowed me to notice a Christian Dior exhibition across the road and I was squealing like an innocent child had just seen Santa! All of a sudden the force of the universe began to redirect my feet and I made a spontaneous decision to forget the Louvre and follow Dior and honey! I did not regret it.


Stepping into the exhibition was like stepping into my own idea of heaven, a building filled with art and inspiration. It was expressed in so many ways, in the music, the aroma and even in the clothes themselves. Everything complimented each other and it really showcased Christian Dior's life and his timeless work. As a fashion enthusiast, It was an honour to witness his work in person and to step inside an environment purposely created to travel to Dior's magical interpretation of Parisian Couture. It was a day that I'll treasure forever. 

Rating (10/10)The Christian Dior Exhibition is opened to the public till the 7th of January 2018, so if you're interested, you have plenty of time to book your tickets from now! If you're a fashion enthusiast, a lover of art and Parisian couture, then this exhibition is for you. I had such an amazing experience, I left feeling so fulfilled and inspired to continue with building my own empire just like Dior did. 

Forgive me for the lack of pictures, I was far too overwhelmed by the beautiful environment that I was in to think about my camera. However, I hope you appreciate the pictures I did capture. Until the next entry x (*bisous) 

"Happiness is the secret to all beauty"- Christian Dior


The Dior Garden...

Fashion Around The World...

Outfit Spec:
Off-shoulder- Zara
Jeans- Zara
Shoes- Zara


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