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A Midsummer Night's Dream


Hi loves, and welcome to the next diary entry of my new series 'A Summer In London', whereby I document my summer experience and review the best places that you should be. If you missed my first post to the new series, click here and find out about the best rooftop bar in Kings Cross but if you're up to date, carry on reading and find out more about my Midsummer Night's Dream...In Kensington.

One thing that I love the most, is spending an entire day where I am immersed in a place that is beautifully picturesque and of course, food has to be involved. Therefore, I was quick to jump on google and look up the most exciting places that represented my tastes and what I like to do. After hours of researching, and hunting down reviews from ordinary people such as myself, Kyoto Gardens and afternoon tea at The Number Sixteen Hotel became the plan and it was time to inform my girls!

Kyoto Gardens 

In the heart of Holland Park, Kensington, lies a secret, harmonious and holistic Japanese inspired garden, complete with a waterfall display, pristine flower arrangements and a peacock...yes, a peacock. The garden was stunning and you truly felt like you was somewhere magical and everyone present really respected that aspect of the garden. Moreover, I gained great ideas on what I would include in my own magnificent garden in my future chateaux *laughs*

Rating: 6.5/10
Although the Kyoto Garden was a stunning place to be in, it is quite small so you will not spend a great amount of time there. However, the picturesque setting is truly bliss and it really captures the essence of a traditional Japanese garden that you will not see anywhere else in London. Moreover, it is a great place for photo-shoots and it's definitely a garden to visit when you are in Kensington.

The Number Sixteen Hotel

After we spent our time saying our "ooh's" and "ahh's" as we admired the serene setting of the garden and took the opportunity to have a mini photo-shoot, we then shot off for some tea at an exquisite and intimate hotel called, The Number Sixteen. Keeping with the theme of nature, The Number Sixteen was a great place to have tea, cool down and chat among ourselves as we lounged in a garden that even God would approve. 

To some, afternoon tea could be considered to be quite expensive for what you are getting. However, if you're a girl like me who watches period dramas and has desired to have afternoon tea just like the wealthy upper class did, then you will thoroughly enjoy this experience. Once you start, you cannot stop! My friends and I had an array of fresh cakes, scones and sandwiches with our desired hot drinks and wine as we chatted away until the sun went down and that's when our 'Midsummer Night's Dream' was in full effect! 

Rating: 9/10

The Number Sixteen Hotel is a perfect place for an intimate setting for afternoon tea, with it's magnificent garden, It honestly felt like I was in a Shakespearean play (hence why the title is called, A Midsummer Night's Dream!). Although, the setting is superb, it is quite expensive for the portion you are getting. However, the service is wonderful and the staff truly welcome you with open arms and a great big smile, so you tend to forget the amount you are paying for because they are just so damn nice! *laughs*

Outfit Tips
For these exciting day to evening plans wear anything that is floral, flowy and fashionable! you are going to be surrounded by nature, the sun will be glowing in your favour and most importantly, you will have such amazing pictures to look back on. Funnily enough, when I explained the plans to my friends, they understood exactly what the outfits should be, therefore, we complimented each other and the environment that we was in perfectly. 

Style Picks:
-Anything floral 1, 2, 3
- A classic 90's inspired slip dress 1, 2, 3
-Pleated midi skirt 1, 2, 3
-Floral Kimono's (Very much on trend) 1, 2, 3
-Culottes 1, 2, 3
-Statement clutch/Small handbag 1, 2, 3

Until the next entry x



  1. one of the best outfits i've seen in such a long time, im so inspired! love your style girl! keep it up!!

    1. Thank you! So so so glad you enjoyed this post xx


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