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Who are you?

The Journey to your self-discovery

Who are you?

This is a question that is normally a great tongue twister for most people. The question is, why is it so difficult to answer and why is there always uncertainty behind the answers that we eventually put out. As people, we are so complex, with many qualities, weaknesses and strengths that we are yet to discover about ourselves. The only way we can truly love and appreciate who we are as individuals is to identify the things that make you, you. 

4 reasons why self-discovery is important: 

 Our journey to our self-discovery plays a magnificent part to how we live our lives, and here's why:
  • Self-discovery allows us to identify our gifts

Our innate gifts are the assets that we are born with, that sets us apart from the rest. It is the very thing that God thoughtfully placed in us, to bring forth meaning in our lives and to most importantly, use those gifts to exalt his glory. By understanding our gifts, we truly understand our self-worth because they are simply priceless. 

  • Self-discovery allows us to identify our purpose

Purpose is what I like to call that deep motivation and calling that you have in life, regardless of the hurdles it will throw at you. It's knowing that every thing you do, whether big or small, it all serves a purpose for that greater picture in your life. Therefore, your self-discovery is so important for you to uncover.

  • Self-discovery allows us to build our self-concept

How do you picture yourself? how do you want to be presented to the world? these are the questions that your self-discovery will answer. There are times when we will allow other people to form an opinion of our character, this is something that we should never allow. When you understand who you are and build an image that you are proud off, people will respect that and stay clear.

  • Self-discovery will result to your self-identity 

There is power in knowing your identity because it is one of the healthy symptoms of self-love. By knowing your identity, confidence becomes a natural feeling and it is much easier to detect manipulation from those who want to steer you away from your greatness. 

The journey to your self-discovery is a journey that you embark on in your season of singleness. As the wisest man once said 'love your neighbor as yourself' (Mark 12:31). Before you can truly love anyone around you, you must truly be in love with yourself and your self-discovery will enable you to understand that whole emotion and how to treat and care for others. I hope you are blessed by this post, and I pray that your journey to your self-discovery will bring forth enlightenment in your life.

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