Thursday, 18 May 2017

The Simpler the Aesthetics...

'3 Style Associations Theory'

Style Essential 101: The White T-Shirt

The white t-shirt is that classic item in your wardrobe that you rely on to be a foundation to a great potential outfit and with some added sass and personality, I love seeing how different interpretations are made with such a staple item. 

From cropped, to distressed white tees, there are endless and unique designs to compliment your individual style and I've found that exact one from Zara (yes, Zara everyday honey!) For a slender girl like myself, I have a great love for an over-sized fit, I find it so much easier to manipulate when you want to achieve a 'half tucked in' look which in my opinion adds a bit more depth to an outfit. As you may know, the 3 things that I associate with my style is a: 

-Monochromatic colour palette, 

With these '3 Style Associations', I can interpret any classic look and make it my own.

What are your 3 style associations that make up your style? How do they reflect your personality? How have these associations defined you overtime? These are the type of insightful questions I love to ask and challenge people with. I believe that style can be a form of self- expression, or a form of escapism to what you desire your personality or your lifestyle to become. With some mules, leather pants and a fetish inspired leather choker, you can tell I was going for a smart, biker chic look who doesn't even know how to ride a bike *laughs. (I am not ashamed to say it.)

I encourage you to identify your own personal style associations, it could be Preppy, Girly, Edgy, or even Gothic. This is one of the ways you can identify your individual style and understand what you like. From there, you can evolve your style and crown yourself with the title of being a 'Trend-setter'. If you need more visual help, why not take this amazing 'Style Quiz' from Topshop and they will be your own personal stylist for free! 

Editorial : Biker Chic 



Outfit Spec:
White tee- Zara
Leather Pants- Zara
Mules- Asos
Denim Jacket- Zara


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