Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Keeping Up with Appearances

It's currently, 17:48pm on a Tuesday, my laptop is at 20% and all I can think about is my University presentation that went...well, let's just use the word "shit" for the purpose of this post *laughs. Guys, as I'm writing, I am honestly trying to guesstimate what grade I manged to scrape and I am calculating the worst possible outcome that I could get to purely defend my ego and pride. However, sometimes as a mature adult, I know you can't immerse yourself in your losses and build up negativity that will decrease your self-confidence, instead you should evaluate what you did wrong, in-order for you to take some responsibility and act on improving a situation like this in the future.

The title of this post is called 'Keeping Up with Appearances' and it's something that I've been feeling in my spirit to discuss for over the past couple of days, however the events of today made me think about this discussion hard! When it comes to personal image aka 'Self Branding', I consider myself a pro in making sure that "perfection" is always presented to the world. Since I discovered my calling and knew the kind of woman I wanted to be, a woman that I knew my mother would be proud off and a woman that I want my future daughters to emulate, I've felt like it's imperative for me to reflect a strong, ambitious, and a serious image because I believe in the power of public opinion.

(15% battery life remaining... my laptop charger is so far from me and guy's I am so comfortable in my bed right now. I know, I've lost it *laughs) 

The main purpose of this blog was to share this enlightenment that I experienced and have fellow people like myself, with the same mindset to create a space where we believe in envisioning ourselves as being great people. However, I feel like by having this mentality, we allow ourselves to be trapped in this phase where we only highlight the best part of ourselves to the world, refraining to connect with other people, refraining to build compassion for one another moreover, the stress of slipping up in the public eye becomes our number one fear because in our heads "We chose a specific image and we need to make sure we keep up with appearances to live up to that image".  Sounds so sad, right?

This is something that I've gradually realized and I think it's something that God has placed in my heart. I know that if I have this mindset when I eventually become a successful and prominent woman in the future, it could possibly be the thing that could destroy me. As a woman, I know I want to be humble and have compassion. Moreover, portraying yourself as perfection can make you stray away from that and that is not the path I want to go into. That doesn't mean I should begin to dress shabbily and start making a fool of myself in public, but I want to make sure that I build meaningful connections with people from all areas of life, I know I want to grow in ways that exceeds what the mind can take, I want to be wise and understanding and help others see and fulfil their potential, so that they can also feel a sense of purpose to life. This is what I want.

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