Saturday, 28 January 2017

The Time For Black Excellence

Nothing Better Than The Colour Black

Black, the colour of mystery, elegance, and power, a colour which is so simple but daringly noticeable. Moreover, let's face it, it beautifully conceals are physical imperfections and if we want to take it further, it disguises are internal imperfections, making us feel like the Kings and Queens that we should ought to feel. As you can tell, the colour black holds a greater meaning to me as these are the ways that I aim to describe myself daily. A mysterious, elegant and a powerful young woman, who aims to make a daring impact in society. 

As a Black person myself, I always strive to have this mindset, to encourage 'Black Excellence' because there is nothing better than having Black representation in all fields of life. Barack Obama is the inspiration behind this entire series. During his final months in office, Obama highlighted a type of excellence that was respected and admired by so many. He was a man who remembered his roots, a man that wanted to inspire people, regardless of their race, background, sexuality and most importantly, he represented that 'the impossible, could be achieved'. The fact that Obama will go down in History as the 1st Black president, is a legacy that will be remembered in generations to come. A representation such as Obama, plays a great significance in my own life, it encourages me that hard work does pay off and the level of success that he achieved for his family, is something that I aim to achieve for my own. 

Black Excellence, a series dedicated to those who aim to make an impact in society, for those who wake up every morning, polished and scrubbed up, ready to take on the day and most importantly, this series is dedicated to those who simply envision themselves as great people in the making. Keep working hard because it will all pay off.

Editorial: Black Perfection

Looking Forward..

Jumpsuit- Zara (On Sale!)
Trenchcoat- Zara (Similar)
Pleated shirt- Primark
Loafers- Next

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  1. OMG, you slay that all black magnificient outfit, love all the pieces you mix in this look and this colored bag... J'ADORE <3

    1. Thank you so much hun x, so glad you love the outfit x


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