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How To Kick-start The Year With A Bang

It's a brand new electrifying year and I'm sure we have all been positive and optimistic, screaming out the typical chants which could go in the lines of "New year, new me" or "A New Year and another chance to get things right" (Wise words from Oprah).  Now, don't get me wrong, this mindset can be very fulfilling, but as ordinary people, we tend to get lost in our own tranquil words and never form any sort of substance nor objectives to make our chants come to life. I don't know about you, but I hate selling myself a lie. Honestly, I love myself too much, I've been through way too much and most importantly, I've sacrificed way to much too get to the point, whereby I can deceive myself. (Speaking the truth.)

For any confident person, who knows and understands their calling to life, the essence of 'Time' is something that we cannot waste. every moment of every single day counts as an opportunity to progress and even though we cannot control the chapters of our lives, we can certainly make it what we want it to be, but we must put in the effort. Whether it be to travel more, find love, to be in the field of your career or to take risks and do what you love. It's time to take act.

Now, I know that there are many tips and tricks that are shared online giving you a guideline on how to have a 'lit' year. However, I always like to keep my content genuine and realistic especially for young students such as myself. (I mean, who are we fooling, it's tough for us right now) 2016 was a fantastic year for me and now, when I reminisce, I will always smile with joy as I look back on the things that I managed to accomplish with Gods amazing guidance. Through experience, leading unto knowledge and wisdom, here are my tips on how to have yourself a 'lit' year honey.

  • Set Out Your Objectives:
-What are your plans for the year? What are you trying to achieve? What are your overall goals by the end of the year? These are the sort of insightful questions that you should be truthfully asking yourself and it must come from the heart. This will give it much more meaning, thus it will become an important priority for you to keep. For example, this year one of my aims is to network, branch out more with my brand and work with other creatives. I realize the value that it will have on my personal growth, it will allow me to have access to a wealth of knowledge and experience and most importantly build connections that will benefit my future.
  • The Power of Planning 
-Write it down! There is a lot of power in documenting and planning your objectives, it makes you accountable and it plays a constant reminder on what you must do. Take the time to research the necessary steps you must take to achieve your objectives. This will effectively, save so much time, keep you organised and most importantly, it will help you make good decisions that could redefine your year.
  • Take The Initiative
- In other words, 'Take Action!'. This is the year for you to initiate your objectives independently. It's about having the capability and the drive to get what you want for yourself, It's about seizing the opportunities around you and forming an intense strategy to take control and improve situations that you are in. Sulking and dwelling on the past is the biggest trap you could ever fall into because at the end of the day, it will never solve your problems. 

  • Be Confident
-Having confidence can be the greatest asset that anyone can have because it generates 'trust', 'belief' and 'conviction' and in the harsh realities of life, it's so important to have these attributes as these are the things that will push you. Confidence is the barrier to self-doubt, confusion, and suspicion to your objectives. Thus, it's very important to believe in your plans for this year.

  • Pray
Prayer, the most important thing a person must do but one that most people forget. In my opinion, this is the most important tip out of all the tips above. To start the year without any sort of guidance is like walking blindly in a dark, dreary, and distrustful tunnel and this tunnel is essentially what the year looks like for most people. God is my light and he is the very light I need to walk through this tunnel gracefully and untouched. Therefore, before I embark on any project, objective etc. I always pray for guidance, including God in all that I do and making sure that I thank him regardless if things go my way or not.

I pray that you guys have a great year, and all the things that you want to achieve and experience is yours to claim. Love you guys x

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