Thursday, 3 November 2016

Milan - Photography Edition

A Summer Evening in Milan

Photography Edition

Summer evenings spent in an enchanting foreign city is the best time to be an explorer, to escape from harsh realities and to be free in a place where you can be naive and re-live your childlike imaginations that you buried away. Milan, with it's rustic architectural buildings and traditional, grand space, made me feel like I was back in the Renaissance era, with The Milan Cathedral, Duomo, at the very center of all that was pure and beautiful. (As you can tell, my head was way up in the clouds *laughs)

The best friend and I  were dressed to the nines (as you do when you're abroad), with a bottle of water in one hand and a camera on the other, we were off to be our own Columbus in the bustling and exciting city. As we walk through the city center, I keep stopping, admiring and circling round and round as my head takes everything in a slow motion effect. Instead of taking packed public roads, we were lured into dimly lit , romantic looking alleyways (basically a place where you can have have a long sensual and passionate kiss with your lover and check into the hotel real quick *winks) It was bliss. The warm and inviting summer breeze that welcomes you will surely make you want to discover so many things that your heart desires. It's times like this when you appreciate the blessing of being able to travel and to be consumed in cultures that can take you to another frame of mind entirely.   

As usual, as an enthusiastic lover of art and beauty, I knew I wanted to capture everything that fed my creative mind and with my best friend on hand to help, here are the shots we captured 
Hope you are inspired guys!

Editorial: Let's Get Lost

Until the next entry x


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