Monday, 29 August 2016

Monochrome Summer Volume 3

Monochrome Summer- The Pyjama

As the blazing sun continues to radiant on us all, giving our skin that vibrant glow and blessing us with the opportunity to revel in the heat, the fashion scene has really been working simultaneously so that we may look are very best for the that special season that only comes once a year. For the final edition of my 'Monochrome Summer Series' I wanted to save the very best for last, and guessing from the title, this post will be dedicated to the sultry and sensual Pyjama trend.

The pyjama trend (Also known as the year of 'Boudoir chic')for the summer season have been mainly focused on a variety of colourful and bright prints. From floral to geometric, many have been designed as two pieces and nearly all share the same material of a satin like finish to enhance that feminine sensuality that the trend adopts. Like any fashion enthusiast my eyes opened and I wanted to be part of the 'Pyjama Club' and rock nightwear so effortlessly as day-wear and just stroke the soft touch of my ensemble, while others stare and question the concept of my outfit. Of course, to invest in a trend, I knew that it had to be very minimal, versatile and of course it had to be either black or white (the safe colours to life and let's face it, I am not trying to waste money and only wear it for a season.)

As you may know me already I was on a hunt...well, I'm lying It wasn't really a hunt because the first store that I researched (coughs* Zara) had exactly what I was looking for. Honestly, Zara loved me so much that it wanted to save me the time and energy and provide me something that I know, my future daughter would discover and love (yes, it's that beautiful) I would like to introduce to you my outerwear of life, which my friends love to call the 'House Wife Robe' A robe that you wear when you are wealthy enough to sit in your castle, sip on some vintage French wine and relax honey.

Since it's a robe, this outerwear is perfect for the summer season, especially if you are dressed a bit risque (like I am *smiles cheekily) and need an outerwear such as this to bring more added sophistication. For this look I wanted showcase to you guys how I love to style my evening to night looks and if I could give a list of all the vocabulary that comes to mind on how I love to present myself would be 'sexy but androgynous with a pinch of, what I love to call masculine chic. To cut it short, I simply love to look like an empowered female. 
Hope you guys enjoyed this series, Until the next entry x
Editorial of the day: Boudoir



Robe-Zara (similar)
Pleated Trousers-Zara
Lace up Heels-Asos



  1. Love the minimalism of this outfit. So chic! Gorgeous pics.

    1. Thank you for reading, I'm so glad you enjoyed it x


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