Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Monochrome Summer Series

Monochrome Summer- Off-Shoulder

'Monochrome', the most sophisticated, chic and alluring colour palette that has transitioned from time to time in the history of fashion and has since become a palette staple to many fashion houses and to our own wardrobes. Many seem to think that monochrome is either for the hardcore minimalist who banned colour in their simple and dull lives or to simply put it, a colour palette strictly for the colder seasons. However, in this series I knew I wanted to push the typical boundaries and introduce how it can be incorporated in the Summer. To make it even better, I am going to dedicate each 'Monochrome Summer' post to the latest trends that's dominating high end and high street stores. I mean, if were not going to wear colour, we might aswell dress up in the things that's trending right? *laughs

What's the best way to look sophisticated but at the same time show off some feminine sex appeal...honey the off-shoulder is the answer. When it comes to sex appeal, I am an advocate for being a tease and this trend is a perfect example.Revealing your collar bone/shoulders has such a sophisticated aura to it, and depending on the style you go for, you can go from being a 'Lady' to being a 'Desirable Contender'. Honestly just slap on some glistening oil and let that part of your body shine! *sings

I decided to opt for a 'Sophisticated Lady' themed look and to tailor it even more to my personal style, I went for a more minimal, androgynous look (because I'm a boss like that *laughs) by adding smart trousers and masculine vampy, pointy loafers. The highlight for today, which is the poplin top of course is from Zara. What I love about this top is the simplicity, clean cut look it possesses, I'm all about versatility when it comes to my wardrobe and this is something you can mix and match and of course dress up or down. To liven it up and make the look more 'Summer friendly' I opted for my favorite crossover bag of this moment (My red one was getting tired of me *laughs) This bag just screams summer with the mustard/gold colour and the kitch style metallic beading, making it really youthful and fresh.

The photography below symbolizes my take on 'Monochrome Summer', a very fresh, simple and clean look. Comfortable yet, very fashion forward. 


Piece de resistance 

Trousers- Zara
Loafers- Next (Similar)
Stay tuned for the next highlighted trend this season on my next post, Until the next entry x



  1. Love your bag, cutie! Great look! xx

  2. Thank you for stopping by and reading! you should definitely grab this bag for yourself x

  3. I love Black and white! I think are colours so chic!

    I Follow you :)



    1. It's such a great colour palette, thank you for reading x

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