Saturday, 23 July 2016

Daily Thought 101- Comparing Ourselves

 Often times it's very easy to fall into the trap of comparing ourselves to others, we begin to doubt our talents, our pace of success and moreover lose confidence in our own abilities and what we can achieve. Naturally, the older we get , the responsibilities that we have become more intense and at this point of our lives it's so important to remain confident in ourselves no matter the circumstances we go through.

Starting this blog was a risk, a step out of my most beloved comfort zone, but just like Steve Harvey always states, success does not happen at your comfort zone, taking that leap is the only thing that will help embark you on the road to your success (Basically paraphrasing a whole 6 minute video) . I  mean let's face it, no one said that the road to success was easy. Guys, patience, time and faith are the three things that will help us stay focused and get us through our labour, till we begin to reap what we've sewn. As a church goer, I have a handful of inspiring quotes from my mentor and what he teaches without fail is that 'When you add value to the world, the world will begin to seek and want you'. It takes time and hard work to build imminent value to whatever we do, it consists of focusing and bettering ourselves daily, feeding ourselves with constant encouragement and for me personally, Gods teachings. It's all about mastering that mindset that 'One day you will be sought after'. 

In this post, I want to encourage all of you guys to be selfish, yes you read right. Like I said, building value in whatever you do requires you to focus and graft in your craft (laughs* this was not intended) it means forming the foundations to your empire and that requires your sole attention. Don't ever allow yourself to be 'The Bystander' and waste your time whilst you watch others build up their dreams and progress on into their calling. As a believer, I do everything with Christ because he knows me better than I know myself, my dreams and desires. Moreover, he is the very manual to the empire I am currently building. Therefore, everything I do, goes unto him and guys, it certainly makes the whole journey a lot less stressful *laughs.

Oh yes, you're probably thinking what's behind my images of today's post. Well...these were the very first images I had taken for my blog, I guess as an introduction to my first outfit posts. However, I allowed my mind to believe they were not good enough and I was starting to compare my content to other great bloggers out there. Yes I know, (*Bows head about to fake cry) Lesson 1 when taking a leap into success is to, 'Never Compare Yourself!'. My younger Sisters, aka my amazing, God sent supporters and photographers were gutted that I didn't publish these, But God built confidence within me and heck, I realised that I actually looked banging hot that day and that my sisters have great talent for beginners.  I learnt an important lesson that, if you do not see yourself as a worthy contender, no one else will. (As cheesy as it sounds *laughs)
Jacket- H&M
Shirt- Primark
Jeans- Zara
Ankle Boots- Next
Remember, add value to your craft, continue to better yourself every single day and we shall all become the people we envision ourselves to be.

Until the next entry x


Wednesday, 13 July 2016

How To Rebrand Your Wardrobe

Minimalist Series

There comes a time in everyone's life when you just simply and plainly outgrow your wardrobe, you know longer love what you own and you just buy a bunch of stuff  to compensate the clothes you hate. Consequently, you are now left with masses of clothes, making it a pain and a chore to get ready for anything concerning your daily life. If this is you, then sweetie you are a 'clothes hoarder'.

This post is dedicated to those who believe that 'Less Is More' and just want guidance to how to live that exact lifestyle, who want to reform and re brand their wardrobe and sees it as a necessity to cut and strip down clothes which no longer represents their own individuality. Moreover, to obtain a clutter free zone, which will then improve your quality of life when getting ready.

Before you read this, I suggest you get a bin bag and prepare yourself for the greatest cull you are about to experience because you are going to need it *laughs. It's funny how we naturally tend to hoard clothes that dates back to when we were 13, when our mothers used to shop for us and determine our style and what we wore. Over the years we have mistakenly developed our own store of headache and It's now time to let all those things go.
Tips (Using my experience):

  1. Make sure that your room is tidy, clear and organised, you do not want to start culling your wardrobe with a messy room, because honey, the mess will make you want to shoot yourself, I am not even kidding.
  2. Set 2 piles, one pile of clothes that you will 'keep', and the other one you are 'letting go' and make sure that they are separate from one another to avoid confusion. Determining what you want to keep and get rid off can be a lengthy process for each individual, however if you ask yourself these questions, your mind will be made clear, making the process that much easier.
  1. Identify the items you have successfully kept and find a theme that is similar with all of them. By understanding the kind of things you kept, you now have a borderline understanding of what your style is based upon. For example, you may find out that you have a lot of neutral palettes, with very simple, minimal tones in your wardrobe. It's important to understand the things you are drawn too.
  2. Write a list of the items you need, the items that will be versatile with all the clothes/accessories you already own and will take your looks to the next level. For example, If you wear a lot of black and neutral colors find that popping, everyday accessory that will lift up your look. Mine is my signature red cross-body bag. It instantly makes my looks more exciting, adding a little sass to my minimal looks without being too much.
  1. Inspiration is the main thing that fuels and stimulates our ideas and visions and when it comes to our dream wardrobe and outfits, inspiration plays no exception to that. From platforms like Instagram to stylish people you see on the street, I'm sure we all pause and take that mental note in our minds that we must 'achieve that look by all means'. When you see any outfit that takes you to that frame of mind, Identify what that person does, the items that they have that allows you to appreciate their look. If you continue to identify the same theme of an outfit at every turn, you will then identify the next addition to your wardrobe, and overtime your dream wardrobe will come to life.

Forming your dream wardrobe is something that develops with time but it can be such an enjoyable process because you are alternatively re branding yourself, tailoring your style to your own individuality . I hope you guys are inspired to always remain true to yourself even if it's just simply changing your wardrobe *laughs

Until the next entry x

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