Saturday, 18 June 2016

Dressing For The Future

At the tender age of 19, I have the mentality of a 30 year old, always investing, planning and working hard on the foundations of my empire and as you can imagine, my personal style reflects this greatly. As a person who believes in speaking things into existence, I believe the same theory applies to the way you style yourself because you're already establishing your uniform that will represent who you will become in the future. As individuals, I'm sure we all have visions for ourselves and who we desire to become. However, an extremely ambitious, committed and a God-fearing person will actively strive massively to become this with no distractions and no delays. I bet you guys must be pondering what my vision could possibly be *smiles to myself* well... it's a big one but here goes. At this present stage of my life, I see myself as a committed, confident and a polished individual, who has an ultimate vision of becoming an entrepreneur, a wife to a king and a loving mother who is respected within her community and her desired sector in the industry. Yes...I know, a big vision right. *laughs. Remember, with God, no dream is too big.

As the title states, I simply dress for my future. A 'signature uniform' that encompasses my personal taste (minimalised glamour), my worth and the industry that I know I want to master (fashion/sales). Lets not forget, how we dress has a profound effect on our frame of mind. For example, medical students wear freshly white lab coats to represent the fact they are striving Doctors in the making, elite colleges encourages their students to wear tailored suits and hard-back polished shoes, why? to constantly remind them every single day that they will one day become successful corporate people in their chosen field.

Fashion is more than just looking trendy, I always tell people that it is a much greater concept entirely. It is a confidence builder, it can be a great expression of your self worth and a way to speak your future into existence. I hope you guys gain something from this post (my objective for every post that I do) and are inspired to adopt this new outlook to style and how you see yourself.

Kimono- Zara
Pants- Asos
Black T-shirt- Primark (similar)
Choker- Ebay
Sock Ankle Boots- Next (Similar)

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  1. Thank you! Hope you enjoyed the read x

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