Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Photography Series

Capturing The Moment

(Photo credits by Zubair Ullah)

The ability to capture emotions, a moment in time and memories that can last a lifetime in one picture is the very thing that amazes me about the art of photography. Nowadays, people are so obsessed with documenting so many particular moments of their lives in the aim of sharing it with the world or keeping it, to one day show their future generation. There's no surprise that media platforms such as Instagram and SnapChat are still one of the dominating resources for ordinary people such as myself to showcase our lives and for us to revel in that pleasure.

One thing that I've learnt about myself, is that I am the sort of person who is very conscious of their surrounding, who takes in every detail from buildings, people, to even noticing garbage on the side-walk. Therefore, an ordinary day is never ordinary to me as I usually take in the beauty of the world and all that surrounds me. One of the reasons why I saved up and brought my own camera was to further nurture my gift and challenge myself even more on what I could capture other than using my phone. Besides, I wanted to feel real professional and call myself a 'big time photographer!' and add a bookings email as part of my bio *laughs* Honestly, to capture great quality images that you can reflect back on years down the line is something that warms my heart, and I am so excited to capture so many moments and memories to come!

Couple weeks back I decided to take my baby (my camera btw) out for a journey and capture the unique bustling beauty that resides in Camden, London. The best filter of all time, (the sun) was out and I was set to soak my eyes in my new surrounding, guys, I was so excited! Below are some "beginner" shots of the things that caught my artistic eye *winks. Overtime I aim to push myself and improve my skills with using a camera and hopefully discover my niche style that represents how I personally see the world.

A lot of us have so many natural gifts and so many interests that we would love to learn about and craft. I was told that one of the key steps to success is to continue to learn and to continue to build up your skills so that you can be a master of all the things that represent you. One of the reasons why I decided to share this part of myself, was to give you guys the push to start on the things you've always wanted to do, because at the end of the day by perfecting your gifts, you're obtaining the skills that will take you far on the path to your success.  I hope you guys are blessed and inspired.
Until the next entry x

Tuesday, 10 May 2016

The 'Signitaure Uniform'

When you think about your own personal style, what 3 key terms best describes you and how you like to be perceived? Are you more 'laid-back', 'casual' and likes to stick to 'classic' pieces, or are you more 'eccentric', 'glam' who loves to make a 'statement' wherever he/she goes. Style is your own individual language that allows you to express yourself and show the world who you are without even uttering a single word. Guys, lets be real. We live in a shallow world and that infamous saying "Don't judge a book by it's cover" izz a lieeee! Remember, that to be the best, you've got to look the part, no matter your craft or industry, first impressions is what carries you to the next level.
In this post, I wanted to give you guys an insight to my personal style, how I like to present myself to the world and most importantly, how I've managed to develop my own look overtime, whilst staying true to myself without having the need to follow others.

Overtime in my young life, I have realised 3 things that has allowed me to generate my own style and I think at least one of the three will be relatable to some of you. I hope that sharing this can maybe help you understand how you love to look and feel. Now, let us begin.

  • What/Who You Admire
What you admire, I believe has a profound effect on your personal style, because generally the things that we either admire or inspire to be, we naturally would want to adopt it in our own lives somehow. Fashion would probably be the easiest option for most of us. For example, I am infatuated with the 1950's era, aka the 'Golden Age of Hollywood', where the likes of Marilyn Monroe, Jane Russell and Ava Gardener were one of the many Goddesses of that time. The main themes that I adopted which has since become in-synced with my style and personality was their art of glamour, sophistication and looking put together. This is an ethos that I carry with me when I get dressed or shop for pieces that represents this. (coughs* not for exam season though...) For instance if  I'm buying a coat I ALWAYS go for long, tailored, shoulder-padded coats with huge lapels (the lapel game needs to be strong!) or a huge fur stole. Guysss *clicks fingers, when I wear coats like this the inner Kanye just comes out. No one can chat to me! *laughs 

  • Up-Bringing/Family Culture
Funnily enough, your up-bringing can also have a part in the way you dress. For example, you could come from humble beginnings and your style may not be associated with flashy and glamorous pieces. You could be from a religious background, and you may naturally stick to more reserved, classic pieces that reflects who you stand for. My family culture is really, really into dressing up and making all types of effort into looking put together. It didn't matter if we had money or not, are hair had to be laid, make up had to be on fleek and our outfits for Sundays service had to Bang. On. A. Whole. New. Level. (Sunday was not only for thanks-giving *laughs) Coming from a Congolese background, dressing up is part of the national criteria and naturally being born and brought up in a culture such as this, has definitely influenced my personal style.

  • Personality/Confidence
Your personality and the levels of confidence you have can effectively dictate where your personal style can go. A confident person will know who exactly he/she is, know exactly how they want to look and most importantly, won't need the opinion of others to validate how good they look, because they are so confident within themselves regarding their own personal style. This kind of confidence is key to not becoming a sheep in this 'follow to follow' world. When you know the kind of person you are, the kind of things that illustrates your personality, your style will automatically form, thus your signature uniform is created.

Below. is my signature uniform for Spring/Summer inspired by the beautiful musician Sade. This season oversized shirts (great for ventilation btw *laughs), mom jeans and crossover bags are one of my classic pieces which I will be rotating around these coming months.

Shirt- H&M
Mom Jeans- Zara
Crossover Bag - Random boutique (Similar)

Growing in your own personal style is an individual journey that can be exciting. It gives you a chance to challenge yourself , explore looks and adopt certain things that ties in well to what you already have in your wardrobe. Remeber persoanl style is a representation of oneself, so have fun with it
Until the next entry x

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