Tuesday, 29 November 2016

The Iron Maiden

Fast Fashion Trend Of The Month

If you're like me and you spend half your time on Instagram and you have the ability to sense a new trend that's popping, then you would know that there's a 'Heavy Metal Fever' spreading like a wildfire which is making everyone want to be a Rock star for the season and guys, I think I've sadly joined the club. It's all about over-sized denim jackets, distressed over-sized T-shirts with the old over the knee boots and a 'beat' face to tie everything together. (Just keeping you guys up to date with the 'Instagram Baddie' trend *winks)

I've always been an advocate in tailoring any fast fashion trend to your own personal style, it's fun to see how people make different looks their own and how it represents their individuality. As you may know my style is revolved on looking  'Smart', but 'Glamorous' adding a pinch of 'Androgyny' to feed my bossed up ego. 3 main fantastic ingredients that sums up my style and when I put looks together.

Of course, with the Iron Maiden T-shirt that I cheekily got off Ebay, with my scissors on hand, and having watched only one YouTube tutorial on how to distress T-shirts, I was ready. I decided that if I wanted to wear a t-shirt like this, the entire look had be quite smart just to balance the Heavy Metal vibe the t-shirt gives off'. Now...this is the bit where I introduce to you the coat of my dreams...*sighs. 

This A/W, the military trend has been dominating the catwalk and all the high-street stores, and it's become highly popular with menswear. Luckily, I'm so in love with menswear clothing, I am easily inspired by looks traditionally catered for them and I am always incorporating it with my style. This double-breasted, masculine fitted, straight long-lined goodness, is from Zara. I call it my Balmain Inspired coat, mainly because it's one of his signature designs, with the gold buttons, the tailored fit and how expensive it generally looks! 

As soon as I wore this coat over the T-shirt, it pushed the entire look in the route that I needed it to go to and that was that. Here it is, my take on the Band tee trend. 

Editorial: The Iron Maiden


Iron Maiden Tee- Ebay
Jeans-Zara (Similar)
Bag- Zara
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Thursday, 3 November 2016

Milan - Photography Edition

A Summer Evening in Milan

Photography Edition

Summer evenings spent in an enchanting foreign city is the best time to be an explorer, to escape from harsh realities and to be free in a place where you can be naive and re-live your childlike imaginations that you buried away. Milan, with it's rustic architectural buildings and traditional, grand space, made me feel like I was back in the Renaissance era, with The Milan Cathedral, Duomo, at the very center of all that was pure and beautiful. (As you can tell, my head was way up in the clouds *laughs)

The best friend and I  were dressed to the nines (as you do when you're abroad), with a bottle of water in one hand and a camera on the other, we were off to be our own Columbus in the bustling and exciting city. As we walk through the city center, I keep stopping, admiring and circling round and round as my head takes everything in a slow motion effect. Instead of taking packed public roads, we were lured into dimly lit , romantic looking alleyways (basically a place where you can have have a long sensual and passionate kiss with your lover and check into the hotel real quick *winks) It was bliss. The warm and inviting summer breeze that welcomes you will surely make you want to discover so many things that your heart desires. It's times like this when you appreciate the blessing of being able to travel and to be consumed in cultures that can take you to another frame of mind entirely.   

As usual, as an enthusiastic lover of art and beauty, I knew I wanted to capture everything that fed my creative mind and with my best friend on hand to help, here are the shots we captured 
Hope you are inspired guys!

Editorial: Let's Get Lost

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Saturday, 8 October 2016

Travel Style Dairies - Navigli, Milan

Volume 2 -'Oh...That Zara Top!'

Now that Summer has ended and Autumn is officially at our doorstep, the glorious highlight addiction is slowly being tamed and the word 'Glow' is being used less and less...cause honey reality has basically hit! Winter is coming and everyone is now opening up their wardrobes, greeting their jumpers and coats, further acknowledging the cold days ahead *laughs. However, I am really excited because honestly, I dress much better during the colder seasons. When you know how to layer for the gods, nothing can actually stop you from looking great. 

For today's post, this look is focused on the infamous Zara body that eeeveryone seems to have, and honestly, I don't blame them because it is such a beautiful piece to own. Like a fashion-hungry beast that I am, I grabbed this beauty from a friend of mine within the 'Last Chance to Buy' rack and hid it away from the beady eyes of each girl I passed as I made my way to the fitting rooms. Long story short, I brought it and admired it every time I woke up and every time I went to bed, thinking of the very day I would wear 'her' *laughs thus, the trip to Milan was created...(I'm joking, the trip to Milan was already booked way before I brought the bodysuit...but I'm not going to lie, if I was wealthy, heck yea I would of done it!)

After discovering the most stunning canal in Milan called Navigli, I knew this was the place to showcase my outfit to you guys. With the Sun on my side, highlighting the pretty colours from my body and having the most beautiful view before me as I posed, I honestly felt special.  
(In other words, I was really feeling myself! *laughs)

Editorial: Pretty In Pink 



Bodysuit- Zara
High-waisted Jeans- Zara
Heels- Asos (Similar)
Crossover Bag - Zara

Navigli, Milan

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Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Travel Diaries- Milan, Italy

Travel Diary Volume 1

Ciao bella!  *laughs ( I don't think you guys understand how much I've always wanted to say this phrase without having to feel like a mug whose trying to force that lifestyle) as you can guess from the title, I recently travelled to Milan, Italy and yes guys, the media does not lie, it is such a beautiful city! It has such a rustic, rural vibe and you can definitely feel the traditional Italian culture which is such a nice change from the modernity of London. I was definitely a tourist on this holiday, snapping so many picturesque sceneries that inspired me and tourist attractions that simply took my breath away. I am the type of person who gets excited in new surroundings and therefore I snap, snap, snap a ton of pictures just because I never want to forget the emotions I feel at that very moment. (I know, I'm so sentimental for no reason right *laughs)

Of course, your girl had outfits planned to the tee because I was really ready to slay, London was not doing it for me at all. I was ready to try fresh Italian pizza, Ice creams, bread etc. To cut it all short I was ready to be inspired, slay and eat (main themes for this holiday) My best friend and I (whom I will introduce to you guys very soon, another style Queen) spent our time in Milan touring and getting to know the city and also realising how much our mothers would love this place. We visited The Milan Cathedral, Duomo di Milano (honestly, if I could get married in there, I'd pack my fiance and take the first flight real quick) and we also visited the infamous Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, one of the world's oldest high end shopping malls. (This is where I'm heading to buy my first Prada bag, I am not even joking.) These are the main places we visited on our first day that really made our trip come alive and I am so excited to share my photography of the city with you all and sway you guys to add it to your 'To Do List Of Travel'.

Over the next few posts I will be doing a segment called 'Travel Style Diaries' of outfits worn throughout my time in the city, which will be combined with my photography on specific attractions that caught my eye. Milan, being one of the most fashionable cities in the world with amazing sceneries, I just had to document my outfits and share it with you guys. (It's definitely a plan for me to come back here for Fashion week.)

To start this series off, I'm calling this look 'Leather On Leather'. Honestly, guys do not even ask me why I even decided to wear leather in 30 degree heat, it was my second day in the city and I was really high of the fact that I was here.

I Hope you guys get a taste of what I enjoyed whilst being in Milan

Editorial : Milan


V-Neck cami- Zara (Similar)
A-line Skirt- Zara (Similar)
Crossover bag- Zara

Snapshots of Milan

Inside the Milan Cathedral

The Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II

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