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SWC Presents: How To Be Your Own Brand?

"When you learn, teach, when you get, give"  Maya Angelou

In a world dominated by the influence of brands, from Gucci to Apple, branding has become a way of enhancing our self-identity and showing the world what "tribe" we belong too. Let's face it, we latch onto certain brands because they convey a sense of value by the associations that's linked with it. That classic black handbag that so happens to have the glorious Chanel logo right bang in the middle, or that symbolic half eaten apple that's on most of our technical devices. All this brands you as a modern and innovative consumer, who is also sophisticated and revels in luxury. Psychologically, through these items, the influence of brands add value to our sense of identity and in this branded age, that logo, name, and image matters!

Now,  you're probably wondering how all this relates to 'Personal Branding'? well, take a pen and notepad...or just simply switch on your memory bank and take these notes down as I'm going to impart knowledge (As a Marketing student) on the concept that I'm extremely passionate about and that has helped me evolve to the woman I am now. 

To give you a simple understanding, personal branding is defined to be a "Perception or emotion, maintained by somebody other than you, that describes the total experience of having a relationship with you"- In other words! what image or impression do you leave on others that makes you valuable, memorable and most importantly, separate from the crowd. Just like an organisation, branding helps to distinguish yourself from others aka the competition. So, the main two things I want to highlight to you guys is:

1. How do you want to be seen

2. How do you want to be perceived 

Regardless of our age, social class, and income, we are our own CEO's of our own self, and in the age of the 'Individual' it is so important to see yourself as your own brand because that will make you memorable and a success to what ever you want to accomplish in this life. Moreover, just like writer Tom Peters states, we must take on the job and become our own "head marketer for the brand called 'You'." Before you start developing your own personal brand, here are the 6 requirements you need to have before you can proceed on with this post:

1. Do you know who you are as an individual?

2. Do you know your unique selling points (qualities & characteristics) that makes you stand out?

3. What do you do regularly that people know you for?

4. What do most people say that's your biggest strength/quality?

5. Do you have/own something that you are most proud off and can brag about?

6. Just like a brand, do you have a clear vision as to where you want to be?

7. If you was famous, what would you be famous for? (Triggered right?)

As part of our self-evaluation especially in our 'Adulting Season', it's really important to take the time to have these answers before you face the world and your competitors. One of the reason why I have such a strong presence and knowledge of who I am, is mainly because I have the answers to all these questions above. Guys, let me tell you now, there is so much power that comes with knowing who are and what you want to be, so I urge you, if you don't have all the answers to these questions, for this year, ensure that you do so that you can build your own personal brand that can never be taken away from you. 

Now, if you definitely have these answers and you're confident in the overall aspects that makes up your identity, here are the ways to establish your personal brand. This will be sectioned between, 'How you want to be seen' and 'How you want to be perceived' - leh go! 

How you want to be seen:
- Visibility 

Whether you are into style or you simply couldn't care less, in this day and age, your appearance contributes massively to your personal brand. Just like an organisation, it's essential to establish your image that will have a positive impression on others. I'm sure you wouldn't buy into a brand that didn't look professional or certified, so why should that be different to your own personal brand. Present yourself in a way that fits in line with your calling, to the point that when people find out who you are and what you do, they wouldn't be surprised because honey, you look the part! 

Showcase your skills:
This could be joining a committee of a society, being a columnist writer for the local newspaper or starting up a desired project that enables you to sharpen your skills, increase awareness of what you do and maintain a track record or all the outstanding things you've done and can brag about. Do not wait for opportunities to knock on your door, create them. Allow others to see the skills and qualities that you are proud of, whether that is leadership, technical or even make-up skills, be involved in something that will help elevate your talents in the public eye. This will make a positive contribution to the establishment of your personal brand. Besides, how do you expect to gain more opportunities and become sought after, if you don't put yourself out there?

People are always watching!
I always say to my friends without fail, that people are always watching. it's either they are observing or keeping tabs on your every move (depending on how known you are) and this can be from Snapchat to onlookers at university. Whenever you choose to make yourself a public eye to your competitors, friends and even strangers, you are now taking up the responsibility of maintaining your image and the way you carry yourself from various platforms. Remember, everything you do, from how you address people to how you articulate yourself in a debate session, all contributes to how people see you and it then builds their opinion of you. Don't be involved in scandal or conflicts that could ruin your brand, image and most importantly, your reputation. Moreover, do not allow all your hard work to go to waste and be known as the usual 'Hot Gossip' material instead of being known for your actual talents. Understand, that this will hinder your progression in life, it's all about that positive CRB check in this day and age.

How you want to be perceived
- Emotion/Impression     

Be Nice and Smile!
These days, I feel like people no longer appreciate the blessings that comes with being friendly, warm and welcoming with other people. Regardless if the're strangers, being friendly and having a great big smile on your face will get you far in this life. It doesn't cost much and people will latch on to your high spirit because it's just so damn infectious. Start building positive connections with people, invest your time with them by having conversations with substance, conversations where you are able to learn about each others personal brand and how you can share knowledge from one another. This then leads to my next point!

Share your knowledge of expertise
God has blessed us in so many ways, from our talents, skills to our personal life experiences and all of these factors has molded us to become better versions of ourselves. Just like Maya Angelou states, "When you learn, teach, when you get, give". Building a great rapport with others comes with helping and investing in other people and this is key to your own success. When you have so much knowledge and passion for something, I believe there is so much fulfillment when you impart that knowledge and bring them in so that they too, can succeed themselves. Remember, 'Knowledge is power', but a wise person will understand that bringing others in will make a great contribution to your own name and brand. Live a life where you're able to make a positive contribution to someones grind, this will build a positive perception to your name and your personal brand for the long term.         

That's it! these are my tips on how to establish and maintain your own personal brand! remember, a personal brand is your asset that sets you apart from the rest. But most importantly, it is the image and impression that others have of you. Consequently, this determines what kind of opportunities you have and if others want to buy into you and work with you. I hope you have been blessed by this post.

Editorial: SWC

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Thursday, 14 December 2017

Lost Files

They say pictures never lie
They are a testimony of that divine time
Moments that I can never deny
Life is like a jewel that is sublime

Lost Files

Like a flower I've blossomed
Like Spring I've come alive
Mother Nature has seen me rise
Life is like a jewel that is sublime

Lost files

Like Angelina Jolie,
I am the star to my own movie
I've lived, I've cried, I've smiled, I'm alive...heck I'm alive
God has kept me alive

Lost files

Though life has been sublime, life has also been dark
Times where I've fallen deep into the Sunken Place,
Unable to Get Out, But...
God has kept me alive
Life is like a jewel that is sublime
Life is like a heavy crown you wear with pride
Life is like a wounded smile you try to disguise
But God has kept us alive.

Lost files. 

- She Who Conceals

I hope you guys have had an amazing and blessed year as I have 


Sunday, 29 October 2017

His & Hers: Monochrome Mondays

One of the main things I say to people without fail is "We must all be poppin heavily!" and for those who want to abide by Oxford Dictionary's definition of what I meant, it simply means that 'Everyone is meant for greatness'. Greatness can mean many things to some people, to you it could relate to significance and to others it could be a mastery of a talent. To me, if you want to look at it in a short-term perspective, I simply want to "Pop heavily!" aka look great, magnificent, exceptional and on point! (as my mother loves to say *laughs)

From what I can remember as a young adolescent teen, I couldn't wait for the season when I was finally going to be in university. It seemed so far away at the time but I already knew what kind of woman I was going to be when I finally left the nest and my vision consisted of me, well:

  1.  Looking absolutely fabulous (P.S. I went to an all girls school and we wore the most ugliest uniform ever!)
  2. Immersing myself in endless opportunities
  3. To build up my confidence
  4. To bag myself a hunk of a man (*dreams)
Fast forward to now and I can definitely say that I'm currently ticking off 1, 2 and 3 from my vision basket and it is absolutely fabulous!  It's an amazing feeling to finally embark on the things that you planned to do after so many years of fantasizing and the excitement is visible to those who are looking in. Every morning, I wake up with such enthusiasm to learn something new, to look as if I'm part of a lifestyle that I aim to have and to let others understand that I'm a force to be reckoned with. I know why I'm here and what I'm supposed to do. 
A lot of people ask me why I look the way I do for university and the answer is simple: 'I'm made for greatness'. If you don't get it, then you just don't get it. I've gotten to a stage where I don't ever explain my reasoning to people, I just let them look and pray that it inspires them to follow suit. 

However, that was not the case with my fellow model/friend, Kerry. To be honest, the first thing I did when I first met him was compliment him on his outfit. I could tell that he was a guy that took pride in his appearance as the attention to detail was spot on. From that point, I knew we would get on well and here we are, doing our very own His & Hers special as we share our take on how we look aka 'Brand' ourselves for University. I hope you are inspired.

Until the next entry x 

Editorial: Monochrome Mondays

'We are made for greatness...'

'Pool is always a good idea'

 'A day without laughter is a day wasted'

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