Sunday, 4 October 2020

Self-care Sunday - Travelling Solo


"Life's too beautiful to be stuck in one place" - She Who Conceals

Hello guys & welcome back to this lovely space. It's been a while but I am excited to write about something that I've always wanted to do for the longest time. Solo Travel! Everybody loves to travel, but it's a whole different ball game when you are considering travelling by yourself. Especially as a Black Woman, as a woman in general, we definitely have some reservations about the whole idea. Our safety, security and just having the mentality to prepare for the worst case scenarios because the world is clearly mad. However, life is for the living & sometimes you have to tell yourself that you can't live life in fear. Sometimes be fearless. Pandemic & safety aside, without informing my friends or family, I spontaneously booked my trip! Baby, I was off to Marbella, Spain and instantly, I genuinely felt a sense of happiness & peace. I was going to be a free butterly in these Spanish streets.



Let's be honest, when you're on vacation, taking pictures is a MUST! I mean, how will people know you're enjoying life, how will they see the fashions you're showing off?!...The horror. Moreover, I feel like the main reason why people travel with others, is to ensure that pictures are taken on that trip. However, clearly I did not want people in my space. I mean, we are social distancing. Here are some tips and links to help you become more independent when taking content.  

Equipment you need: 

-Tripod (HERE)

-Self Bluetooth Timer (HERE)

-Ring light (HERE)

Or you can go the expensive route and grab yourself a set (HERE)

Tip: Attempt and try taking pictures around your home, garden and your local aesthetically pleasing street and get a feel for it before travelling out. Most importantly, feel comfortable & confident while you're taking pictures. People will be looking, but what can they say! You look good honey!

Solo Pictures Receipts: 

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2. Safety = Book the Perfect Hotel

When it comes to travelling with my homegirls, booking a fabulous airbnb and splitting it how ever many ways is our bag. However, when it comes to solo trips, I was very hesitant about getting an airbnb by myself, in an area where there's no guaranteed security. Getting a hotel that had EVERYTHING I needed was the plan. A spa, beach front, restaurant, even a damn golf course just to add a pinch of activity without even having to leave the hotel. I found the perfect place and the hotel that I stayed at was Hotel Guadalmina Spa & Golf Resort. 


I'd highly recommend staying at this hotel if you plan on travelling to Marbella. It was the perfect place for a solo traveller as it had everything I could possibly need. Based in a quiet area and being surrounded by luxury villas, it was a needed vibe and this hotel will definitely be seeing me again!

3. Bring your Speakers!

As someone who calls themselves a 'Proud Loner' my best friend who never lets me down are my speakers. When it came to needing some "company" I always slapped on my speakers and the music became my company. It was perfect. Imagine having tranquil scenes, singing along to your favourite tracks while sipping chilled sangria as you maintain your daily tan on the balcony of your hotel room. Bliss.

To conclude, going on a solo trip may be the self care that you need. The peace of being by yourself, enjoying the change of scenery, being in control of your own itinerary is the best feeling. I hope this post inspires you to take that leap and enjoy life the way you want it.

Till next time x


Monday, 20 July 2020

Summer Lookbook: How To Style An All Black Outfit

"Sell sex but make it classy" - She Who Conceals

Black is a colour that exudes mystery, class & superiority and if you didn't know, that's the vibe I love to carry in these streets. Period. People tend to associate black to solely being a colour worn in winter and I've come to let you know, that is not always the case. If you get the balance right, wearing all black can be the perfect daytime look that can still turn heads for all the right reasons. Below, I'll be sharing needed tips on how to style black in the summer. Enjoy!

1. Gold Accessories 

The secret to elevating an all black look is wearing gold accessories/jewellery. I've come to realise that in the Summer, black mixed with gold accessories is such a complimentary colour palette for melanin beauties. When the sun hits those gold tones, you radiate and glow so effortlessly, you just scream 'EXPENSIVE!'. In my eyes, that is always the goal. To look expensive, if not, throw the whole outfit away. 

2. Texture

When you're wearing a monochromatic outfit, playing with different textures/fabric of the same colour can help bring more depth & character to your look. These needed textures help break up the outfit and it becomes visually playful. For today's all black look, I'm sporting jersey, tweed & cotton textures. I find that when I'm able to add texture to my looks, it becomes an effortless outfit that I need it to be.

3. Classy But Nasty
 Balancing sex appeal with class is a balance that not many women know how to master. Moreover, getting this ratio right, will help make your all black outfits look more playful & elevated. The key is balancing the areas you want to conceal & the sensual attributes that you want to reveal. Though I go by the name of She Who Conceals, I love being a playful tease and I show that through my style. Having the right balance can mean wearing a midi skirt with a risque high slit or combining a tiny bralette and throwing on an oversized blazer. Balance. When you know how to do this, you can make anything sexy, classy.

An all black outfit is a mood I can't get enough off, when worn correctly, it is the only look you tend to stick to. For more inspiration, scroll below and feed yourself with today's slay. Till next time loves. 

Title: Classy But Nasty


Outfit details:

Crop Top: Motel Rocks
Skirt: Motel Rocks
Bag: Kurt Gieger 
Sunglasses: Pretty Little Thing 


Thursday, 25 June 2020

The Year of Breakthrough - Black Women Edition

Welcome back to this lovely space where you are guaranteed an escapism into fashion, style and much needed creativity. With everything that has been going on in our social climate, I felt the need to push myself in my creative direction to illustrate the beauty of what it is to be a Black Woman. A Black Woman who is proud of her skin colour, ancestral features and most importantly our story.

The year, 2020 is becoming a year where suppressed voices are being heard for the first time in a very long time. Though it has been a disappointing year, it is becoming a year of breakthrough for Black Women. From the beginning of slavery to this very decade, the many voices of Black women have been dismissed, ignored and made irrelevant. Over time our traumas and grievances had to be a thing that had to be suppressed because in reality, no one really cared and therefore we did not matter. Malcolm X infamously said himself that "The most disrespected person in America is the Black Woman". Though based in America, I know and many other Black women know that this is a universal fact.

Though there is a fight for racial equality, there is also a fight over the patriarchal system that degrades the lives of Black Women, through sexual abuse, colorism and so much more. I created this post to encourage Black Queens to continue to speak up and fight for change. To see through the stereotypical traps that they enforce to silence us. Men, especially Black Men need to hear and listen to our traumas and hardships in order to do better by us and for us. This is crucial for the success of our community and the healthy growth of future Black families.



Knitted Bralet - PrettyLittleThing
Knitted Shorts - PrettyLittleThing
Pouch Bag - Femme Luxe


Friday, 1 May 2020

How To Be Confident & Achieve Your Aspirational Self - Active Tips

"Part of self confidence is staying in your lane and slaying the heck out of it" - She Who Conceals

Hi guys and welcome back to this lovely space. During this difficult time, I hope you are continuing to look after your mental state and are still remaining positive during these hard times. With the world at a halt, I know everyone is using this opportunity to either reflect, strategies and/or work on themselves. Therefore, I felt it in my spirit to create a post based on confidence and creating an aspirational self that you desire to emulate. Once upon a time, I was in a position where I disliked so many aspects, traits & features about myself, until one day I decided to stop the self hate and take practical steps to appreciate myself. By loving yourself, confidence & self worth flourishes also.  Based on my experience I'll be sharing realistic and actionable steps on gaining confidence. With the world being still, this is the perfect opportunity for the needed rebrand you've always desired.

1. Representation Matters! 

At a young age, unchangeable factors such as my appearance and body type was something I knew I needed to accept. Therefore, I sought to study strong Black females who looked like me and who channeled a form of confidence that I desired to emulate. Like the holy trinity, I decided to create my own based on women who had attributes that I was insecure in and had traits that I truly admired. My trinity consisted of the legendary Naomi Campbell and popular reality TV stars, Nene Leakes and Marlo Hampton. All three women were the representations I needed to see to feel like I could accept myself and slay just like these women were doing. From their statuesque build to their ability to take ownership of the room with their vivacious fabulosity, confidence and aura. I wanted to be that woman. By watching & studying them overtime, I gradually accepted myself for who I was and I knew I could slay and be just as bad as these Queens.

2. Fake It Till You Make It

Now this term can be very ambiguous and can often be misconstrued to be something negative. However, the effectiveness of it, depends on where you channel it. For example, as a young teenager I was conditioned to be shy, quiet and meek, stemming from the environment that I grew up in and the people that I interacted with (negative interactions might I add). However, I soon realised that having those traits is subjecting yourself to a long life of suffering and I did not have time for that. Therefore, I adopted the 'Fake It' mentality. Acting & emulating confidence when really and truly I was sh***** myself. (Sorry guys, no other phrase can describe how afraid I was)

What do I mean by faking? I mean purposely jumping into the deep end, volunteering to do things that you wouldn't do normally. For example, taking up leadership roles, carrying out interactive presentations, letting my friends take pictures of me in a room filled with strangers. Essentially, putting yourself in situations to force the confidence out of you. It is the tough love you need to survive in this dog eat world. I knew my weakness and I understood that it did not align with the life I wanted to live so I ended it with a quickness. Used correctly, faking gives you an opportunity to force yourself to be in uncomfortable situations until you're conditioned to be comfortable in them. Take the leap, you will not regret it.

3. Girl...It's All About Your Aesthetic

Achieving confidence mentally is all said and good but there is nothing better than looking put together and matching your mental. The woman you've always envisioned yourself to be...start looking like her, carry yourself like her, speak like her and let that aura grow and flow out of you.With the help of my trinity, I was able to take different components of their aesthetic and tailor it to me and what I could naturally exude effortlessly.

Nowadays, I get so many compliments on how I carry myself, my style, my confidence etc. It is derived from this exact ideology - Creating an aspirational self and becoming it. I started doing all this at 18 and at 23, I can finally say that my foundation to my identity is now steady. Meaning that I can take on life, knowing who I am, being confident in who I am, and loving who I am, apologetically. Basically, no one can tell me shit. Yes I said it. I own It.

If you have reached the end of this post, I hope this has inspired you to take actionable steps to elevate yourself for the better. I urge you to share it with whomever you feel may need these words of encouragement. Everyone deserves to be free from insecurities and self doubt about their identity and if you have any further questions, I am more than happy to help! Until next time!

I am my own muse...

Till next time...

Dress - PrettyLittleThing (Sold out)
Heels - Ego Official (Alternative)


Friday, 10 April 2020

It's All About Tie Dye!

"Tie-dye but make it chic" - She Who Conceals

Originated from the revolutionary 60's, most people tend to associate tie dye as part of the signature hippie aesthetic that made its dominance during the infamous era. Its bold & vibrant colours plus its "resistant" nature in the use of dye are all necessary factors that contribute to the whole appeal with the classic print. *Now let's mute down the formality chileee*. I won't not lie to you, of all the prints in the world, tie dye is probably my least favourite of them all. In regards to my personal style, I tend to stay away from prints that are deemed  casual, bright & busy. Tie dye is all of those things to me honey. Personally, if it's not streamlined and minimal and well... expensive looking, then it's not for me. Period.

However, when you have brands like Zara who understand your dilemma, they have the power to make you think twice and they sure did with this show stopping piece. Every Monday and Thursday, when Zara publish their daily new in pieces (knowledge from an ex Zara Sales Assistant!) that 30 minute browsing session is pure heaven. Essentially, coming across this Printed T-shirt added to the experience.

As someone who loves muted/monochrome colour palettes, this was the perfect tie dye print for me and my personal style. Paired with Zara's signature high waist belted trousers and some heeled mules, I wanted to elevate the look and add a sense of formality that could be worked as an everyday look. If you want to add a pinch of tie dye into your wardrobe that is also super versatile, then this is the perfect item for you. Check out below on how I styled this piece, until next time!


When In doubt, wear a jacket...


T-shirt - Zara
Trousers - Zara
Mules (Alternative) - Ego
Leather Jacket - Select
Pouch Bag - Asos 


Sunday, 29 March 2020

Transitioning Into Spring 2020

Self isolation & social distancing has sadly come into play and I'm now forced to look like an everyday house girl as I sluggishly work from home. Absolutely brilliant! The only bright side to the situation is that the moment I wake up, I can skip the whole ceremony of getting ready and give myself unnecessary breaks here & there... I mean as long as you get the work done, then sis you're good!

As we welcome the rebirth of one of my favourite seasons, Spring! I wanted to create a transitional look which incorporated the trendiest pieces of the season. Mixing winter staples and Spring/Summer friendly accessories such as a good' ole pair of heeled mules is what I'm here for. Don't get it twisted, Spring in the UK can be very temperamental and with innate trust issues, I dress the same way I do in the winter with the exception of a huge coat and my staple heeled boots.

For today's look we are sporting my favourite go to look. 'A top and High Waist Tailored Trousers'.  With black being my staple colour, the sun really encouraged me to lighten the mood a little. Plus, I really wanted to try out my new accessories for the season, my Ivory White Ego Official Mules & my Bottega Veneta inspired pouch bag courtesy of ASOS. The perfect pieces you need to elevate your looks for the season ahead. Without any more further delay, here is my first transitional look into Spring! Dinner is served.

The Rebirth..

She Who Conceals


Turtleneck- Zara
Trousers - Zara
Mules - Ego (Sold out) Alternative
Pouch Bag - Asos
Chain Necklace - PrettyLittleThing

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